The High Lyfe TV show is ready to feature some of the dopest talented artist from around the world! We are looking to interview new talent in every city and feature a host of artist on our Top 5 Music Video countdown!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Celebrity with a million followers or just an Independent Artist with 1K followers, we will allow you to come shine on our platform!

We accept all Genres of Music!

If you are looking to get your shine on and be featured then this is the show for you!

Published by tanishaddavis

Tanisha "Starr" Davis is known for her Creative Writing, Poetry, Celebrity Interviews & more! She is also the creator of the Blog known as Starrdom100 & is the Radio Host for Starrdom100 Radio Show. She is currently a journalist for Sheen Magazine and her work has been featured in Sheen Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, The Queen Dynasty & more. She inspires others daily to believe in themselves & push to reach their goals!

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